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5g era wisdom scenic area should be how to build

Date: 2019-07-14

On just held the summer davos BBS, both inside and outside the venue very grab an eye 5 g technologies, intelligent robot, 5 g, 5 g intelligent sandbox attract domestic and foreign guests such as onlookers...On June 6 this year, the ministry to 4 companies to issue 5 g licences, 5 g network construction will be rolled out.Actually, 5 g technology pilot carried out already, many of the pilot is in the field of tourism, 5 g technology has quietly come to tourists.

Recently, the reporter comes to chongqing Yangtze river cableway scenic area, the "5 g technology Yangtze river cableway VR extrasensory experience".With VR glasses, just a few minutes, you can see as seen on the Yangtze river cableway Yangtze river scenery.Unlike traditional VR experience, 5 g of VR technology environment experience more smooth, more close to the real situation.Experience the scene, I feel the body is suspended in above the surface, as the camera slowly on a cable car, panoramic view of cross-strait scenery.This "no block landscape" to have a bird's eye view of chongqing has a new Angle of view, experience the real effect.

Yangtze river cableway are travelers to chongqing hot punch, one-way run time 3 to 5 minutes, tourist hotels "4.2 million people last year.Yangtze river cableway hot degree, let the line became the inevitable, and extremely cableway of novelty "5 g + VR" experience project attracted some attention, effectively dispersed the passenger flow.

Tourists in the tourist season, each big scenic spot facing huge passenger flow pressure.This spring, since Beijing park management center to the company and Beijing mobile, will be 5 g + wisdom park area the first pilot in yuyuantan park.Using 5 g network characteristics of the high speed, large bandwidth, low latency, solve the problem of peak time tourists such as online ticket.Passenger flow during peak hours, visitors at the gate of the yuyuantan park after scanning "network ticket fast-track" qr code, you can log in a quick ticket channel, fast connection park ticketing center server, complete the online ticket.This ticket to the ticket window, the traditional network compared, further improve the efficiency, greatly reducing the number of standing in line to buy tickets.

5 g technology in yuyuantan park is another application of video monitoring.Enjoy flower season this year, yuyuantan park to construct 5 g technology and transmission speed faster, video monitoring system in the peak passenger flow, can real-time monitoring the flow concentration areas, the image real-time transmission to the control room, to help ease the traffic.

5 g technology application in city attractions, not only in the mountain type scenic spot also have application.In march, China telecom huangshan branch staff has completed the top of mount huangshan scenic spot light, jade screen tower of 5 g base stations to install, and support for the pilot, "huangshan 5 g + VR panorama broadcast" unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) overlooking the huangshan mountain scene of the shooting environment through 5 g network real-time transmission to the VR intelligent glasses, smooth, let a person as if flying over the huangshan mountain.

Huangshan branch of China telecom office relevant controller introduces, at present, the company successfully launched light, jade screen tower 5 g base stations."5 g + VR" panoramic live, huangshan environment through 5 g network real-time transmission scenic area, to realize the remote VR overview of huangshan mountain scenery, the business as a wisdom tourism in anhui province, the first 5 g network application testing success.

At present, many scenic spots are build wisdom scenic area, 5 g technology popularization for wisdom scenic area construction bring a lot of new ideas and conditions.For example, the reporter sees in Beijing shougang garden leisure area, a tech company personnel are debugging a intelligent vending robot, visitors can through the mobile phone software "call" robot, let it before send the goods to.The author understands, this kind of intelligent machine security is an important technology of low latency, rapidly response data transmission technology, the application of the 5 g technology provides a strong support for this kind of robot, can make this kind of robot in a very short time rapid response to tourist demands.

Deeply involved in the wisdom of the construction of the scenic spot of shenzhen famous hui technology co., LTD., vice President, said form, 5 g technology application in the field of tourism and there are many possibilities, "all things" the Internet is one of typical application, which can be connected to all kinds of sensors by using 5 g technology, real-time monitoring of soil moisture of scenic spot, the density of stream of people, even the usage of trash can, toilet, etc, to achieve real "wisdom" of the scenic spot.