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The East Hotel (Yi Jiudian) is a deluxe hotel located in downtown Hangzhou and about a ten-minute drive from West Lake,  a UNESCO World Heritage site and Hangzhou's premier tourist attraction. This Hangzhou hotel offers guestrooms and suites,  which are appointed with bathtubs,  LCD TVs and high-quality cotton beddings among others. Additionally,  Tiger Spring water and Longjing tea are provided in rooms.[View Detail]    

住客评论 5176条评论     4.7分/5分 更多
  • Bee9527
    Really super well, good, bed was very soft, upgraded room 20 square, washroom mega, towel has plenty of gym is good, to exercise for a half hour in the morning, will also go to-
  • libinnuaa
    Out hotel is located in the city center hotel is a favorite minimalist style has a lot of excellent detailing all personnel service is also very good breakfast tables too small for three people sit squeezed limousine service guests will certainly stay there again next time all star
  • fei8888
    Very much, nice hotel, good service attitude
  • Davoid
    Will come to
  • eedyy
    Room was large, the bed was very comfortable, recommended!
  • bingmengmeng88
    OK, more features!
  • stamley
    Hotel a sense of design, facilities are also quite new
  • alucard444
    Absolutely cost-effective hotel, booking8.8 was not false. patient hospitality at the front desk, every day you see Apple computer is in a good mood. Not smoking, but there are Windows and ventilation, without the smell of smoke. (Smoking is relatively low.) Back when the hotel has helped us close the window, open air conditioning. And design surprises everywhere. retro bike free of outside rental. into the Hall feel unusual temperament. absoluteNot disappointed yet. loved the elevator design, first quarter moon full moon symbol 1-10, entered the elevator, numerous shadow similar to the creative exhibition. classical and elegant room design, drinks are free. bed very clean and comfortable. Samsung has on-demand dramas, reviewing episode 3 June sun. come again ~ ~ ~ I do not know whether to have a membership card. Distance tube slightly away. station is convenient, but it's so anxious for 12. decoration of the bathroom wall and basin to be more specificA little bit of. that's 100 points.
  • gracelou07
    Décor features rooms very good, toiletries are also worth the price, and free drinks. the ointment is the stain on the sofa a little uncomfortable.
  • cebbobo
    location of the hotel is not very convenient but free car with chauffeur for less than 20km ride for each night stayed at hotel. Hotel is high-end boutique hotel with new and comfortable rooms, well equipped bathrooms, excellent fixtures, and free mini bar for suites. Very good deal with good service from hotel staff.
  • orvvor
    3;35 points only barely said Pack good has to staying, live so more hotel first times encountered, various evade, 1:30 of when said 40 minutes certainly finishing good room has, results alive until 3;35 points, silly,, bath no door, to children bath frozen of very, breakfast slap big place, eat has breakfast afternoon drive home, children and pulled and spit, fever, doctor said eat bad has, is enough has
  • dsw595
    Book comes with free shuttle service, in addition to the staff at the front desk to confirm car not familiar with rules requiring multiple buckles and the rest are great, impeccable
  • e00174694
    Environment, hardware good, front desk service also OK, but six layer of rooms Service cleaning is let people stand! continuous two days in we by has do not disturb of situation Xia knock, didn't answer also kept of knock! first days to asked room what when clean, I also deliberately said I not by has do not disturb did? you also to. even apologized are no, Oh has a sound on go has! first times I on Dang you didn't after training, not understand, also on forget. results second days also to, how on so not long memory! Do not disturb is the device you? tell you the first day, come up to me the next day, is mean to you, to facilitate your work, feel free to recklessly disturb guests! this is an upscale hotel in the service you! more wonderful is 11 points to tell me that notification of ten short ... ... Did you funny. no earlier said such a thing, but an hour after the suspension of running notification ... ... I took! Hotel no matter how good this service is just prohibitive!
  • tencom
    Nice and clean, very warm feeling, breakfast is very good!
  • diamondlaodou
    Very nice designed hotel, details are unique, breakfast is a meal, and free, taste great, and dine green. the most important bedding very carefully, more comfortable than like the four seasons and Peninsula. access is also very convenient, walking INtime, Hangzhou Tower, very close to the Wulin square ... next time will come
  • m02298468
    The environment is good
  • d02489520
    High cost of hotels
  • leady
    Hotel is Rod, everywhere can feel to designers of heart and creative, front desk background of led, Elevator of moon led, room of independent clothing Cap between, electric curtains, bathtub of bath salt, bathtub Qian of small TV, two a wash pool, Bluetooth connection of iPod play device, capsule coffee machine, separate tea of mineral water, all free of mini bar, bed switch on implantation of side and so on, really of feel is good, also has insufficient, Windows was ceiling block cannot finishedFull open, for air slow, hotel overall lights Dim, room also as dark, 812 prices TV has obviously of strong current sound. breakfast is optional package, Sino-US de Asia 4 species, said truth, young is of may eat not full, things to is sat of fine. all of service personnel are very kind, quality is high, will recommended to friends, next also will staying, on has, walk 10 minutes can to martial arts door airport bus, around are is residents community, no Lake scenic there of noiseMiscellaneous, the location is very convenient. overall benefits make up for the shortcomings of the details, it's great.
  • tcytcy
    Breakfast service very good, breakfast was delicious
  • fsy2006
    Spot clean, but the service has never before. restaurant one of the admin's cold, always at the hands of reprimand.
  • carolynl
    Nice, detailed very well, breakfast was fine.
  • Bjrobin
    big room, always helpful and friendly stuff. could hear traffic outside but its not too bad.
  • lxdwgw
    It's not bad
  • lsdragon
    Which is very nice
  • e03076097
    Help a friend booked hotels! service was excellent!
  • dongyi0722
    Room is very large, there are lot of restaurants around, suitable for business trip stay
  • allenxie
    Understated luxury hotels. faint in the city.
  • d04811111
    I tour feel the most satisfied with this hotel is the hotel staff particularly good environment is good, facilities, mainly staff are particularly good, super super happy ... ...
  • e01552831
  • E04770809
    Many times, good hotel in detail, feel good, recommended
  • jerry_mi
    Very good, praise.
  • eafun2004
    Room was big and good, loved it! next time stay
  • bigpon
    Very comfortable
  • D00425644
    A stained
    Very good service attitude
  • fy917918
    Live very comfortable, very quiet
  • XC740729
    Hotel Nice hotel nice hotel nice
  • WF1203798709
    Hotel services are good, especially the lobby Manager Zhao, service was warm, make guests feel good friends! room can also, just a smell into the room a little bit under the weather, may be the city's weather.
  • beauty1215
    Good! cost-effective, not easy booking, be sure to book in advance
  • celeryelvis
    Satisfied, good value, friendly, recommended!
  • Maine2008
    In addition to stay slow, everything else is quite satisfactory
  • jnice
    Unfortunately, no pool!
  • wucaili
    Comprehensive cost-effective good hotel style is the highlight of the room, the surrounding environment, there is Starbucks, pizza hut next to the hotel, eat simple can be found, service OK, special praise to former Office Manager Vicky professionalism, service detail and next time will stay
  • nbreyda
    Is a unique environment, rooms have a taste!
  • angallene
  • davidleee
  • Jessica_Jing
    Very good hotel.
  • mingyin
    Good, staff were very friendly.
  • amandafxy
    To friends, he was satisfied with
  • lear826
    Very clean, very good