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Hangzhou wild animal world: face recognition in court

Date: 2019-11-09

Nowadays, facial recognition is more and more widely applied, brush the face, can easily shopping, by train, some people think that to save time and convenient.Recently, however, hangzhou citizens guo a lawsuit to court, the hangzhou wild animal world is face recognition system, this is known as the "face recognition is the first case in China" what is going on?

Zhejiang hangzhou: facial recognition technology by court

Hangzhou citizens guo paid 1360 yuan for the wild animals in the world of the year, according to the regulation, can pass validation card and fingerprint into the garden and unlimited.But in October, the wild animal zoo will fare collection (afc) system upgrade, need through the facial recognition to the garden, unregistered users will not be able to enter the face recognition.Guo think face information collection and use of a security risk, so there is no register, but as a result, he dealt with the year you can't get into the garden.

Explanation is that hangzhou wild animal world, the launch of face recognition, mainly is for the sake of tourists, can improve the efficiency of the visitors into the garden, is a measure of the "wisdom tourism".

Zhejiang hangzhou wild animal world brand manager xiao-qin yuan said that if individuals do not accept this way in the park, it can give an alternative, is holding his id card and years, we carry out a manual check, so that you can.

To this, Mr Guo told reporters, collect facial features such as personal biometric information, put forward by the government, for the sake of public interests is fair to accept, but the entertainment places to do the same, security and privacy are worrying, once leaks, illegal to provide or abuse will be easy to harm consumers' personal and property security, moreover, on the way in the park, and he doesn't want to become a "special case".

At the same time, according to the consumers' rights and interests protects a law "stipulated in article 29, the collection and use of consumer information, shall follow the principle of legal, proper, necessary to express the objective, way and scope of the collection, use the information, and subject to consent by the plaintiff.According to Mr Guo, previously, the world of animals did not fulfill the duty of inform, so he to hangzhou fuyang people court to lodge a complaint, the court has formally accepted the case.

Relevant departments should organize experts and scholars, the facial recognition technology in the real use of the potential safety problems, such as privacy risks assessed, to establish industry standards and national standards;To explore the corresponding supervision system and even legislation, regulate facial recognition of information acquisition and applications, privacy boundaries.What areas can be used, for example, face recognition, which can't use, how to protect the public's right to know, choice, consent, and information security, if you have any information how to punish and deal with...Looking forward to "face recognition is the first case" as like the terminator, break the ice regulation, push related policies.